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Transform your trading strategy with charting algo and risk management

Want to trade directly on MT4 instead? The Amazing Trader algo delivers levels direct to your MT4 charts in real-time. Whether you are scalping, day trading, swing trading or position trading, the Amazing Trader algo helps you to identify trading opportunities and manage your trades. Accessible for traders with a minimum deposit of $500.

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An Amazing Trading Program at your disposal

Custom AI big data engine delivers historical market impact and sentiment to help you generate daily trade ideas from 1000+ macro-economic events.

Economic Calendar


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Covering all macro-economic events

Highlight new trading ideas quickly and easily from 100+ Countries, and 1000+ Economic Events.



Which asset could be best to trade now?

What is the optimal entry/exit of the trade?

Why is the event having an effect on the market?

How is the market likely to respond?

How fast might the impact take effect?

How big might the impact be?

One account, full functionality

Gain access to all Acuity’s economic calendar functionalities, simply by creating an account.

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One-stop intuitive display

Benefit from a holistic view of all upcoming trends and their impact rating, with complimentary AI-driven filtering to help identify key areas of interest.

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Potential range

Price, sentiment and potential range charts offer an understanding of potential market movement before, during and after events.

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Latest news

Get access to the latest updates from FX Street Newswires, providing vital information and expert opinions for more informed decision-making.

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The sentiment chart

Identify the extent of volatility over set time frames after an event which can help determine optimal entry and exit positions.

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Highlight trading ideas quickly

Personalise key areas of interest with advanced AI filtering with strong, colourful elements that help to identify high, medium and low-impact events quickly.

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Why the Acuity Calendar is so much better

The Acuity Economic Calendar showcases important, global events affecting the financial markets and is packed with features to help you manage event-based market volatility.

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Traditional vs Acuity Calendar

Acuity’s unique data analysis delivers unrivalled insights into the financial markets compared to traditional calendars.

Access the full version of Acuity's Economic Calendar

Create an account to take control of the full version of Acuity's AI-powered Calendar and find trading ideas faster.

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Launch Acuity as an EA in MetaTrader

Run the Acuity economic calendar as an EA tab on the MT4/5 Research Terminal, giving access to the news, sentiment data and other features within the same window.

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Performance of CFD trading on past global economic events is not a reliable indicator of future trading performance.

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